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Victoria Cottages overlooks the village of Victoria, PEI, offering water views looking out to the sea, and truly pleasing, comfortably stylish cottage accommodations with contemporary amenities. Located on a heritage property first built upon in 1827, both the historic home and the guest cottages have been restored by the Geurts family, with Caspar, a skilled carpenter, “delighted to have the opportunity.” The result is six guest cottages that echo the character of Victoria, and reflect a craftsperson’s skill, aesthetic, and architectural intuition.

A True Gem

Prince Edward Island has its share of special places, but the coastal village of Victoria-by-the-Sea is a true gem. Though it offers an abundance of activities for those seeking recreation, entertainment or culinary experiences, Victoria is also a spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Perhaps it’s this mix that has seen it become a port for lovers of fresh, world renowned seafood, an annex for artisans, and a hub for those who admire great natural beauty.

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With easy access to beaches, dining, theatre, activities both on the water and on land, and as much relaxation as you want, Victoria Cottages is your first choice for a truly extraordinary Island vacation.